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Instant Plain Tea Premix - 1Kg

Instant Plain Tea Premix - 1Kg

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3 in 1 Tea | Milk not required | Rich taste as Home-made | Manual use - Just add Hot Water | Suitable for all Vending Machines | Makes 90 cups per KG

A blend of Assam tea, gives real taste of natural tea, free from any synthetic additive, it is rich in protein and has high energy value, it helps in reducing body stress and works as instant energiser.

Enjoy a hot cup of Cafe Desire Tea. It comes in the form of an instant pack where you just need mix it up with hot water to get a cup of refreshing and delicious taste of Tea.

Cafe Desire Tea is good for health and keeps you energetic throughout the day. It gives the instant punch to activate a sluggish mind and body. Its delicious taste makes people active and bright. It makes you stress less and refreshes your mood.

You can enjoy this Tea either through a Tea Maker or even manually by just adding hot water.

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